Bring These Things to Your Next BBQ to Keep Your Mouth Happy


It’s officially summer – which means plenty of sunshine, warm weather and lots of picnics and barbecues.

If you’re heading to a barbecue this summer, you may be asked to bring something to share. While you could bring some macaroni salad or a bag of chips, how about bringing something that’s healthy for you and your mouth? Here are some options that just might work!


Who doesn’t love a good vegetable tray? Filled with all sorts of fresh vegetables (and a delicious dip) – everyone can enjoy this at a summer barbecue. And, while you know that vegetables are good for your overall health, they are also good for your oral health.

When you create your vegetable tray seek out crunchy vegetables – such as carrots and celery. They are high in fiber and require extended time to chew. Because of this, your mouth produces more saliva which can help to wash away harmful bacteria.

Another excellent vegetable to add to your crudités is peppers. Peppers are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps you maintain healthy gums.

Broccoli and cauliflower are also full of vitamin C and make a great addition.

Cheese Tray

You already know that cheese is full of calcium that is good for your teeth and bones. Additionally, cheese stimulates your saliva flow – which like the raw vegetables – will help wash away bacteria in your mouth.

But, one thing you may not know is that studies have shown that cheese decreases the amount of acid in your mouth. This can help to neutralize plaque and protect your teeth and gums.

Look to create a well-balanced cheese tray containing aged cheddar, Monterey jack, camembert, brie, and gorgonzola.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is always welcome at summer barbecues.

Apples are great for kids who are busy playing as they can grab one and go. Apples help to protect your teeth from plaque.

Watermelon, which is definitely a summertime favorite, contains vitamin C which helps protect your gums.

Like watermelon, pineapple contains vitamin C and is a very refreshing fruit for picnics.

Leafy Green Salad

Doesn’t a salad always taste better when someone else makes it – so why don’t you do that for your friends and family this summer? Leafy greens like lettuce, arugula, and spinach are chocked full of nutrients which can help protect your tooth enamel.


Of course, the recommended drink to help your teeth is water. It can help rinse away bacteria and food. Be sure to keep a glass of water with you at the next barbecue you attend.

The next time you get invited to a barbecue, bring one of these things to share. You’ll bring something that will help your overall health and your oral health.