Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Your Dental Health


When it comes to your holiday shopping, you’ve probably got lists from your children and ideas for your family and friends. But, if you’re lacking for some ideas when it comes to presents and stocking stuffers, why not mix in a few things that can actually improve someone’s health?

You may laugh, but there are lots of great gifts that can improve a person’s dental health. Whether it be for a child or an adult, here are some ideas that may help you this holiday season. 

Sand Timer for Brushing Teeth

One common problem for children (and adults) is that they don’t brush their teeth long enough. To help your children learn to brush for the proper amount of time, get them this sand timer. They can turn it over when they start brushing and watch the sand fall until they’re finished.   

Dentek Fun Flossers

Flossing is important for everyone and should be done at least once per day. If you’re working on teaching your children to floss, these fun floss picks might help. They’re flavored like wild fruit and come in bright colors.

Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean

Phillips Sonicare has long been a leader in the electric toothbrush business, and the Diamond Clean is one of their highest rated products. The Diamond Clean includes an “AdaptiveClean” brush head specifically designed to help remove plaque from your teeth. This brush head removes 10X more plaque than a traditional toothbrush and has five brushing modes to fit all of your needs.

Perfect Smile Oral Care Products

Gum disease being a common problem for both children and adults, but brushing and rinsing with products designed to fight gum disease can help. Perfect Smile products contain dentist-approved ingredients that are uniquely combined for increased effectiveness. Its unique ingredient, MicroActive® CoQ10, has been proven to be twelve times more easily absorbed than traditional forms of CoQ10.

When you start to wrap presents this year, mix in a few items that can help with good oral hygiene. These items will have benefits for years to come.