How Often Do I Need to Visit the Dentist?

One of the most often asked questions that dentists hear is: How often do I need to visit the dentist?

The answer that everyone expects to hear is every six months. But, is that really the case? The real answer should be: It depends.

The key to dental check-ups is that they are considered preventative care. While some people may be able to maintain good dental health with visits to their dentist every six months, others may require more frequent visits.

In fact, the American Dental Association doesn’t even suggest a recommended number of dental visits for people. You need to find out if you need more frequent check-ups or if a visit every six months works for you. 

Who Requires More Frequent Visits?

When it comes to scheduling check-ups, there are certain risk factors that may make more frequent visits necessary. If you fall into one or more of the following high-risk groups be sure you share that information with your dentist:

If you fall into one of these groups, gum disease, and other oral health issues will be a concern. Your dentist will want to keep a close on your dental health to keep any problems at bay.

More frequent visits are often recommended for people in these groups. Your dentist may want to see you every 3-4 months instead of the usual six months. 

Your dental check-up schedule should be decided with your doctor. He/she can make recommendations as to the frequency and remember that as your health changes, so may your check-up schedule.

Your dentist’s goal is to make sure your oral health is at its best and to work with you to achieve it.