Stress and Gum Disease

Are you really busy? Are children, family, and work causing you stress? You know that stress can cause headaches, an upset stomach, and sleep problems. Did you know that stress might be a cause of gum disease? Studies have shown that stress can be a contributing factor to gum disease.

How Does Stress Contribute to Gum Disease?

When you are stressed your body produces more of the hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is known to weaken your immune system which means the risk of gum disease increases.

Other Things That Happen When You Are Stressed

Other activities that you might engage in when stressed can also contribute to gum disease. Remember, things such as using tobacco or eating unhealthy foods can also cause gum disease. Additionally, if you are stressed you may not be brushing and flossing properly.

What Can I Do About Stress?

Decreasing stress in your life can have many beneficial effects. It’s important that you find ways that work for you. You might try some of these things when stressed out:

  •      Exercise
  •      Get more sleep
  •      Avoid alcohol and tobacco products
  •      Try meditation
  •      Use relaxation techniques
  •      Talk with a friend or confidant
  •      Practice time management
  •      Learn to say “no”
  •      Keep things in perspective

Don’t let stress impact your health. Try some of these recommendations to manage your stress before it overwhelms you.

If you are suffering from gum disease, it can be reversed. Maintaining good oral hygiene and using Perfect Smile Oral care products can go a long way to fighting gum disease and keeping your mouth healthy.